About Elevation Friesians, LLC

Iszabella and Acacia

Iszabella Miamore with her 2009 Champion Filly, Diva’s ribbon.

Elevation Friesians, LLC was, in the past, a breeder of purebred Friesian horses; a member in good standing with the Friesian Horse Association of North America (FHANA) and the royal studbook Dutch registry, De Koninklijke Vereniging Het Friesch Paarden-Stamboek (FPS).

Previously, in Colorado, EF stewarded three FPS/FHANA Friesian mares, as well as their combined three foals.  Because of life shift, doing what it does when you’re busy making other plans, these sweet mares and two precious Miniature horses were re-homed to loving families.

Zen's Ribbons

Zen, 2009 Res. Champion

EF was always very careful in selection of the Friesian mares and stallions, as the goal was to preserve type and the betterment of the breed. I appreciate the rich history of Friesians, and always like to talk about this wonderful horse.

I am passionate about horses and love to share that passion with others. Elevation Friesians, LLC was established to realize my lifelong dream of raising Friesian horses. Though I no longer have my ranch, I highly recommend visiting a Friesian breeder near you so you too can experience the breathtaking beauty, wonderful temperament, and awe-inspiring elevated movement of the magnificent Friesian breed in person.

If you are interested in adding a Friesian to your life, I urge great caution – the breed is very fragile, they have many physical issues that stem from over a century of in-breeding. Pour your heart into researching the nuances and attributes of the breed before you buy – not to discourage you from stewarding a Friesian of your own, but to be prepared and educated on how to prevent or manage what may arise. As special as Friesians are, they are also fraught with health challenges. Regardless, their gentle, kind, loving and loyal hearts will always win over ours.

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