Welcome to Elevation Friesians, LLC.

Joy and Acacia

I am passionate about many things… Friesians, Dressage, and all-things horses are the top of my list. Thanks for stopping by!

Previously, Elevation Friesians was located at 7,435 ft in elevation in Black Forest, Colorado. For years, I called the modest 5 acre ranch my paradise and home. Shift happened, and now I am heartbreakingly horse-less… but I am grateful to currently live in beautiful Missoula, Montana, and skiing bides my time until I have Friesians again.

Though I no longer have Friesians of my own, I still live and breathe horses.

Through many years of making new equestrian friends and wonderful network connections, I am happy to freely share a myriad of resources for elite equine athletes for sale, Dressage training, horse handling, clinics, lessons, marketing, video production, and web site design services. Feel free to call or write if I can be of service. I always enjoy meeting new people and sharing my love for horses… most especially the magic, beauty, and nuances of the Friesian breed.

Blessings always. ~Acacia

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